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    The Real Rick Scott

    He's spending $100 million to try to make you forget his real record:

    • An administration mired in scandal.
    • Cuts to education, big hikes to college.
    • Big giveaways to wealthy special interests and corporations.
    • Disrespecting immigrants — and denying them rights.

    Get the Facts

    Rick Scott: Missing in Action In November, We Remember
  • Leadership Failures

    Rick Scott says he wants to run Florida like a business, but what company would rehire a CEO that has had three top officers resign amid scandal?

    In just the last five months, three of Rick Scott's top officials have resigned — Lieutenant Governor Jennifer Carroll in March, Dept. of Children and Families Secretary David Wilkins in July, and Dept. of Education Commissioner Tony Bennett in August. What does this say about Rick Scott's leadership and judgement when the people he picks to fill the most important jobs are consistently forced out by scandals?

  • Education Header

    He cut the state’s education budget by $1.3 billion. That’s like burning down someone’s house, replacing it with the wooden frame of a house and calling it progress.


    In 2011, Rick Scott cut $1.3 billion from public education even though Florida ranked 42nd in spending on our kids, forcing pink-slips and teacher layoffs, and threating art, music, and sports programs.

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    Citizens Property Insurance gave $52 million to a business that contributed $110,000 to Rick Scott's reelection campaign.

    "Citizens Property Insurance Corp. voted to give Heritage up to $52 million to take up to 60,000 Citizens policies. Talk about the scheme rising to the top," said the Tampa Bay Times

    Heritage got a mega-million dollar gift from Florida government, but this corporation hadn't even existed for 9 months and was being run by an individual with hundreds of insurance violations.

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    Gov. Rick Scott vowed to bring an Arizona-style immigration law to Florida.

    The New York Times

    In May, he vetoed a commonsense bill that would have helped young Dreamers, which passed the legislature nearly unanimously.

    "The Republican governor's veto of legislation that would have allowed undocumented immigrants with a new temporary status to obtain a driver's license ignores reality and common sense… Scott vetoed the bill and resorted to tortured logic," said the Tampa Bay Times

  • College Tuition Header 593

    The governor had no problem “raising taxes” on Florida families in 2011, when he approved an 8 percent tuition increase or last year when he approved a 5 percent increase.

    Palm Beach Post

    Rick Scott wants you to think he is the opponent of tuition increases, which he now calls a "tax." If so, that makes Scott a serial tax raiser. The truth is he increased tuition by 13% in two years.

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    Rick Scott hopes you'll forget.

    He's spending $100 million to try to make you forget his real record. He's trying to convince Floridians that the Rick Scott they know isn’t the Rick Scott running for reelection. His real record?

    • He asked for one of the largest cuts to public education in Florida history.
    • He believed that the way to reform immigration was to implement an “Arizona-style" law that would allow police to target Hispanics.
    • He increased tuition at our state colleges and universities by double digits.

    Rick Scott hopes Floridians have short memories. But Florida voters will remember the real Rick Scott.

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